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Quinoa wit 1 kg


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Biologisch: ja, met biolabel
Naam van de exploitant: Food Blending

Merknaam: SOLID FOOD
Belgische leverancier: Biofresh

Origine van de grondstof(fen): PE – Peru
Bewaring na het openen:  in goed gesloten verpakking, droog op normale kamertemperatuur of in droge koele berging (8 – 15 °C)

Easy to use in the kitchen for all kinds of recipes. Quinoa can be used in virtually anything from salads, side dishes, cereals, bars, crackers, snacks, pastas, baked goods, pizza crusts to desserts, and much more. 
All our products are made with 100% traceable quinoa from our farmers in Ayacucho, Peru


Hungry like a horse? Then maybe, just maybe our bulk packages will do the trick. Every big bag contains 1 ton of quinoa.

05. packaging options

Solid Food - Packaging options

small pack

Not quite that hungry? Our small bags are the answer, they contain 25 kg or 5 kg of quinoa each. A bit less intense than buying in bulk.  
Solid Food - Small pack


Worked up an appetite? These packages are perfect for grocery stores with its 300gr, 500gr or 1kg of quinoa. Besides quinoa grains, we also offer ‘ready-to-eat’ quinoa mixes for private labe

USDA Organic

PE-BIO-140 (export)

BE-BIO-01 (import)

JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard)
BSCI (Business Social BSCI (Business Soc